Fishing Reports

  • March 2018

    3/24 Hooked 2 Bluefins, released 1 and pulled off the second 1 a 100 ft from the boat. As a bonus we also caught 1 Big eye and 1 Yellowfin.

    3/19 Fished with Mark and crew
    Release 1 Bluefin around 450 pounds and caught 1 Yellowfin.
    Water was blend out, not the best condition.

    3/17 fishes with Scott and crew
    Released 1 Bluefin and kept this fish for our trophy fish 
    113 inches long,78 inch girth 
    Weighting in at 877 pounds

    3/16 Released 4 Bluefins biggest around 90 inches and kept this slot fish 65 inches

    3/11 Chris and the gang had another great day. Released 2 Bluefins, burn off another and pulled the hook on 2 more.

    3/10 Had 5 Bluefin bites today.
    Release 3 biggest around 450 pounds and pulled the hook on the other 2. Also release a Mako and had another Mako eat up our baits. Pictures will follow later. Have same group tomorrow.