Fishing Reports

  • April 2018

    4/28 William and the guys had a great day! 12 Blackfins and 4 Yellowfins. The albacores kept us busy catching about 25 of them

    4/18 We got out between blows
    Water temperatures were not what we had hoped for 
    Did manage to catch a couple 
    Thanks Paul and crew

    4/14 The Yellowfin fishing is pretty good 
    Glen and the guys had a great day

    4/13 Great day of Yellowfin fishing 
    Limited by 11:00 and also had 1 Blackfin and 2 Mahi

    4/12 The wind finally stop blowing and we went fishing. We hook 4 Bluefins and release 2, pulled the hook on 1 and burned off 1.

    4/3 Had Tom and his son today.
    Caught 2 out 3 Bluefins. All to big to keep so we released them.

    4/3 IT'S Official NEW STATE RECORD BLUEFIN 877 Pounds!

    4/1 Had Andy, Al and Chris with us. Released 3 Bluefins. Did bring one in to catch but measured 75 inches so had to let him go.