Fishing Reports

  • May 2018

    5/31 Yeah the sharks left us alone today and we caught 12 nice Yellowfins

    5/30 Today we shared with the sharks again 
    They got 50% and we got 50%
    Leaving us with 7 nice Yellowfins

    5/29 The fishing was great but the sharks were terrible 
    They were eating the tuna as fast as they were hooked!
    We ended up catching 7 Tuna

    5/28 Happy Memorial Day 
    We spent the day with our countries finest
    We fished combat warriors 
    They had a great day
    8 Tuna and a limit of Tilefish 
    We we lucky to give something back to our military

    5/27 what a difference a Day makes 5 Big Yellowfins 
    Shark had their way with a couple more

    5/26 Slow day on Tuna but the tilefish were snapping

    5/25 Slow day today 
    Managed 2 Yellowfins and 6 Mahi

    5/24 Kirk and the boys had fun
    Released or 1st blue marlin in the Obx and 6 Tunas 
    Shark took a lot more than we caught

    5/23 the water change today but did manage 6 Yellowfins and 1 Big Eye for Greg and the boys

    5/22 JP and crew had Big Eyes on the brain 
    So we caught 4 Big Eyes,2 Yellowfins and 9 Mahi 
    Great day

    5/20 Fishing turned on today 
    Tom and crew caught 45 Mahi, 2 Yellowfins and 1 Big Eye which was 109 pounds

    5/19 After a Slow morning 
    Tom and the boys had some action 
    6 Yellowfins,5 Mahi and Ryan got his first Big Eye 105 pounds

    5/18 Chuck did it again 
    51 Mahi 
    We have 5/25 open if anyone wants to fish

    5/17 Slow day for us 2 Tuna and 1 Mahi

    5/15 Chuck and the boys had a great day on the Mahi 
    467 pounds of Mahi

    5/13 Eric and crew pulled it out at the end
    5 Yellowfins, 2 Blackfins and 1 Mahi

    5/12 Big Eye and tilefish were on the menu today 
    The Big Eye was 209 pounds

    5/11 Great day of fishing for John and crew 
    4 Big Eye,4 Yellowfin and 2 Mahi
    The biggest Big Eye was 202 pounds

    5/10 Had JT’s family today 
    5 Yellowfins, 4 Mahi and 3 Blackfin 
    303 pounds of fish

    5/5 Aston with his 152 Bigeye Tuna

    5/4 Had Mike and the guys again today 
    Great day of fishing, Mahi and Blackfins Also released 1 Sailfish

    5/3 Mike and the boys have Mahi fever

    5/2 Great way to start the bachelor party off with a fishing trip 3 Yellowfins and 29 Mahi

    5/1 Slow fishing today but managed 3 Yellowfins