Fishing Reports

  • June 2018

    6/22 the sharks are getting out of control 
    This is what we kept
    The sharks ate another 10 Tunas

    6/21 fishing was slow today 
    The sharks got 3 other Tunas that we hooked

    6/20 Torre and the guys were done at 9:30 this morning 
    2 Big Eyes over 100 pounds each
    3 citation Yellowfins and 1 -40 pound Yellowfin

    6/19 Mike and crews last day 
    They wanted Mahi and by 7:15 we had caught our limit 
    We went tuna fishing for and couple hours and came home at 11:30

    6/18 Had Mike and the guys for Day 2
    Lost a Big Eye to the sharks 1st thing this morning 
    End up with 4 Yellowfins and 1 Wahoo

    6/17 Had Mike and crew
    Johnny was in charge of counting our Mahi 
    He said we had 34
    Glad Johnny is not my accountant 
    End up with 54 Mahi and 3 Blackfins

    6/16 Fishing was a little slower and we had some bad luck
    We lost 3 other Big Eyes to sharks,pulled hooks and line breaks 
    We did manage 3 Yellowfins, 1 Big Eye and a handful of Tilefish 
    Not a bad day

    6/15 Sounds like a broken record but again great fishing

    6/14 Had Greg, Matt and the 2 Andy’s today 
    Again great fishing 
    1 Big Eye 
    10 Yellowfins 
    6 Mahi 
    All by 10:00 AM

    6/13 Had the owners today. Greg and Andy had great fishing! 8 Big Yellowfins and released 1 White Marlin 
    Home before 2:00

    6/11 The Tuna showed back up today 
    We had to release 7 other Yellowfins that we shorts

    6/10 Had Hugh and his family 
    It was slow fishing today but we managed a catch

    6/9 The water changed overnight 
    Jim and crew hung in there and caught 3 Tuna and over 20 Mahi

    6/8 Bob and crew had calm seas and great fishing 
    1 Big Eye 
    9 Yellowfins 
    1 Mahi

    6/7 Great day
    6 Yellowfins 
    4 Mahi 
    1 Big Eye that weighed 163#

    6/6 Harvey and crew today caught 9 Yellowfins and 4 Mahi 
    We started in the wrong area but ended where we needed to be

    6/5 Neil and crew got 7 Tuna and 1 Mahi

    6/3 Had Andrew and friends 8 Tuna and 1 Mahi 
    Had to be a lighting storm in the sound 32 knots at cruise

    6/2 landed 4 out of 9 Tunas
    Had fun catching a limit of Tilefish

    6/1 Great way to start June 
    A box full of tuna and home by 1:00