Fishing Reports

  • July 2018

    7/31 Had Tom Day and family today 
    No Marlins but they got some good eats

    7/28 The final day was bust for us. We only saw 1 marlin that did not bite. Still had fun with the Franks.

    7/27 Day 1 of 2 of Boat Builders Tournament.
    Released 5 White Marlin and jumped off 3 more. Back at it tomorrow.

    7/23 Weather has us tied to the dock for the last couple of days and for the next couple of days

    7/20 Greg and Mr Kim
    Great day on Tilefish but Mr Kim’s wife was not feeling well so we came home at 8:30

    7/19 was family day
    3 of my grandson Max, Cole and Aidan. We also had Cleat and Nick
    Both Max and Aidan caught their 1st Sailfish!!!

    7/16 Eric and crew had Mahi Monday

    7/15 Andy,John and Al (no longer so pukes a lot)
    When trying to release Andy’s Blue Marlin it took off and jammed its self in the exhaust pipe

    7/14 Had Andy,John and sir pukes a lot Al.
    Caught 2 White Marlin and some Mahi

    7/13 Friday the 13th was not unlucky for Sander
    He caught his 1st Spearfish and White Marlin 
    Then the weather got rough and they sent us home at 11:00

    7/12 Had Bill and crew today 
    Had some Mahi and released 1 Sailfish

    7/9 The storm has us tied to the dock for until Thursday it looks like.
    Time to fix everything on the boat that is broken.

    7/6 today Reed got his Blue Marlin 
    Also caught some Mahi and bottom fish

    7/5 We can in early a couple of the kids did not feel well 
    But not before we caught some Mahi and a Blue Marlin

    7/4 Happy 4th of July 
    Repeat performance from yesterday 3 Sailfish and some Mahi

    7/3 Caught 3 Sailfish and 30 Mahi 
    Had bad luck with a double header of Blue Marlin

    7/2 Kirk and crew had a great Catch of Mahi

    7/1 had Jason and his son Connor 
    We caught our limit of Mahi and they sent us home at 8:30