Fishing Reports

  • March 2019

    3/18 we started out looking for a Bluefin and ended up having a nice catch of Yellowfins 

    Mark and gang were a lot of fun

    Jim and group fish with us
    Caught 3 Yellowfins and 1 Wahoo 
    Marked the Bluefins but they just would not bite

    3/13 No Bluefins today but we did catch 4 nice Yellowfins

     3/9 Released 1 Bluefin and kept 1 Yellowfin for Dinner. Great group of guys for the last 2 days.
    Thanks and see you all in September!

    3/8 got to keep a short 71” today 
    Still waiting on a big one

    3/3 Had ad Rich Balot and crew
    Released 3 Giant Bluefin Tuna and caught 1 Big Eye Tuna 
    Great fishing 
    If you want to catch a great only 5 days open