Fishing Reports

  • May 2019

    5/31 The sharks won today eating 5 more of our Tunas 
    Then on the ride home Mother Nature got made at us

    5/30 it was tuff fishing today 
    But we did manage a catch

    Every Memorial Day we have the honor of fishing with Combat Warriors 
    This year we had the army 
    Great group of guys 
    Each one got to catch a Big Eye Tuna plus 1 extra

    5/26 Matt and crew had some awesome Mahi fish

    5/25 Justin and crew had a nice catch of Mahi

    5/23 The Mahi fishing is the best we have seen in a long time!

    5/21 Jon and the the guys had a blast. They caught all the fish they wanted and attempted gaffing their own fish which was a funny to watch

    5/20 Harvey and crew want meat, so that’s what we did 
    Great fishing

    5/19 Jim and the family had a great day!
    29 Mahi and 18 Tilefish

    5/18 The Mahi fishing was off the hook! Also got 1 Tuna away from the sharks

    5/17 Kirk and crew touched it out and caught 27 Mahi 
    We ended the day at 10:30 because it was rough

    5/16 Chuck and crew are always a lot of fun to fish with

    5/14 Well the sharks won this battle 
    We were only able to land 1 Tuna and the sharks eat the other 10 we hooked 
    We finally gave up and came home early

    5/13 Mahi fishing again today 
    End up with 20
    Waiting for the tuna to start biting again

    5/11 Jeff and crew got what they wanted MAHI 
    It was a fun day with a slow start and then the Mahi started biting

    5/8 I think the sharks got the best of us today 
    We had 9 sharks on at 1 time
    5/7 the Tunas are starting to bite finally

    5/5 Great group of guys! Fishing was a little slow for us. But managed to catch some Mahi and have fun

    5/4 Manny and Christine has a busy day 
    28 Mahi!

    5/3 Mike and the guys had a great day!

    5/2 Tuna fishing was slow today 
    Managed to get some good eats