Fishing Reports

  • June 2019

    Sharks got us today 
    We got 4 and they got 10
    This is crazy

    6/28 Allen and family were a lot of fun to fish with 
    Was a little slow but did manage some good eats

    Brayden almost had the World Record his fish weighed 248 pounds the current jr record is 236 but we had to pass the rod down from the bridge which disqualified it
    Still a great catch for a 14 year old

    6/24 Meat Slam
    2 Big Eyes 
    1 Mahi 
    1 Wahoo 90 pounds 
    We lost 2 Yellowfins to the sharks

    6/23 Graham and crew had a good day 
    2 Big Eyes and 1 Yellowfin

    6/16 Tory and group had a great catch of Mahi and a 145 pound Big Eye

    6/11 Allen and crew had a limit of Mahi before the wind picked up
    Back at the dock by 12:30

    6/10 The weatherman was wrong again 
    Little bumpy today 
    Still got 28 Mahi by 9:30

    6/9 Chad and crew went 3 for 5 in Big Eyes and sent us home

    6/8 Andy and crew had their hands full with Big Eyes

    6/7 Bob and crew got 2 nice Big Eyes 
    Biggest being 177 pounds

    6/5 Dads day out!
    Morgen and family had a great trip
    1 st stop was 44 Mahi and then off to try to catch a Big Eye
    Within an hour of tuna fishing they had a 145 pound Big Eye 
    Love when a plan comes together

    6/4 a great day with Andy and crew Mahi fishing is still off the hook

    6/1 Here are some pictures from the last couple of trips
    Today we also caught our 1st White Marlin of the year