Fishing Reports

  • July 2018

    7/31 Had Tom Day and family today 
    No Marlins but they got some good eats

    7/28 The final day was bust for us. We only saw 1 marlin that did not bite. Still had fun with the Franks.

    7/27 Day 1 of 2 of Boat Builders Tournament.
    Released 5 White Marlin and jumped off 3 more. Back at it tomorrow.

    7/23 Weather has us tied to the dock for the last couple of days and for the next couple of days

    7/20 Greg and Mr Kim
    Great day on Tilefish but Mr Kim’s wife was not feeling well so we came home at 8:30

    7/19 was family day
    3 of my grandson Max, Cole and Aidan. We also had Cleat and Nick
    Both Max and Aidan caught their 1st Sailfish!!!

    7/16 Eric and crew had Mahi Monday

    7/15 Andy,John and Al (no longer so pukes a lot)
    When trying to release Andy’s Blue Marlin it took off and jammed its self in the exhaust pipe

    7/14 Had Andy,John and sir pukes a lot Al.
    Caught 2 White Marlin and some Mahi

    7/13 Friday the 13th was not unlucky for Sander
    He caught his 1st Spearfish and White Marlin 
    Then the weather got rough and they sent us home at 11:00

    7/12 Had Bill and crew today 
    Had some Mahi and released 1 Sailfish

    7/9 The storm has us tied to the dock for until Thursday it looks like.
    Time to fix everything on the boat that is broken.

    7/6 today Reed got his Blue Marlin 
    Also caught some Mahi and bottom fish

    7/5 We can in early a couple of the kids did not feel well 
    But not before we caught some Mahi and a Blue Marlin

    7/4 Happy 4th of July 
    Repeat performance from yesterday 3 Sailfish and some Mahi

    7/3 Caught 3 Sailfish and 30 Mahi 
    Had bad luck with a double header of Blue Marlin

    7/2 Kirk and crew had a great Catch of Mahi

    7/1 had Jason and his son Connor 
    We caught our limit of Mahi and they sent us home at 8:30

  • June 2018

    6/22 the sharks are getting out of control 
    This is what we kept
    The sharks ate another 10 Tunas

    6/21 fishing was slow today 
    The sharks got 3 other Tunas that we hooked

    6/20 Torre and the guys were done at 9:30 this morning 
    2 Big Eyes over 100 pounds each
    3 citation Yellowfins and 1 -40 pound Yellowfin

    6/19 Mike and crews last day 
    They wanted Mahi and by 7:15 we had caught our limit 
    We went tuna fishing for and couple hours and came home at 11:30

    6/18 Had Mike and the guys for Day 2
    Lost a Big Eye to the sharks 1st thing this morning 
    End up with 4 Yellowfins and 1 Wahoo

    6/17 Had Mike and crew
    Johnny was in charge of counting our Mahi 
    He said we had 34
    Glad Johnny is not my accountant 
    End up with 54 Mahi and 3 Blackfins

    6/16 Fishing was a little slower and we had some bad luck
    We lost 3 other Big Eyes to sharks,pulled hooks and line breaks 
    We did manage 3 Yellowfins, 1 Big Eye and a handful of Tilefish 
    Not a bad day

    6/15 Sounds like a broken record but again great fishing

    6/14 Had Greg, Matt and the 2 Andy’s today 
    Again great fishing 
    1 Big Eye 
    10 Yellowfins 
    6 Mahi 
    All by 10:00 AM

    6/13 Had the owners today. Greg and Andy had great fishing! 8 Big Yellowfins and released 1 White Marlin 
    Home before 2:00

    6/11 The Tuna showed back up today 
    We had to release 7 other Yellowfins that we shorts

    6/10 Had Hugh and his family 
    It was slow fishing today but we managed a catch

    6/9 The water changed overnight 
    Jim and crew hung in there and caught 3 Tuna and over 20 Mahi

    6/8 Bob and crew had calm seas and great fishing 
    1 Big Eye 
    9 Yellowfins 
    1 Mahi

    6/7 Great day
    6 Yellowfins 
    4 Mahi 
    1 Big Eye that weighed 163#

    6/6 Harvey and crew today caught 9 Yellowfins and 4 Mahi 
    We started in the wrong area but ended where we needed to be

    6/5 Neil and crew got 7 Tuna and 1 Mahi

    6/3 Had Andrew and friends 8 Tuna and 1 Mahi 
    Had to be a lighting storm in the sound 32 knots at cruise

    6/2 landed 4 out of 9 Tunas
    Had fun catching a limit of Tilefish

    6/1 Great way to start June 
    A box full of tuna and home by 1:00

  • June 2018

    3 Had Andrew and friends 8 Tuna and 1 Mahi 
    Had to be a lighting storm in the sound 32 knots at cruise

    6/2 landed 4 out of 9 Tunas
    Had fun catching a limit of Tilefish

    6/1 Great way to start June 
    A box full of tuna and home by 1:00

  • May 2018

    5/31 Yeah the sharks left us alone today and we caught 12 nice Yellowfins

    5/30 Today we shared with the sharks again 
    They got 50% and we got 50%
    Leaving us with 7 nice Yellowfins

    5/29 The fishing was great but the sharks were terrible 
    They were eating the tuna as fast as they were hooked!
    We ended up catching 7 Tuna

    5/28 Happy Memorial Day 
    We spent the day with our countries finest
    We fished combat warriors 
    They had a great day
    8 Tuna and a limit of Tilefish 
    We we lucky to give something back to our military

    5/27 what a difference a Day makes 5 Big Yellowfins 
    Shark had their way with a couple more

    5/26 Slow day on Tuna but the tilefish were snapping

    5/25 Slow day today 
    Managed 2 Yellowfins and 6 Mahi

    5/24 Kirk and the boys had fun
    Released or 1st blue marlin in the Obx and 6 Tunas 
    Shark took a lot more than we caught

    5/23 the water change today but did manage 6 Yellowfins and 1 Big Eye for Greg and the boys

    5/22 JP and crew had Big Eyes on the brain 
    So we caught 4 Big Eyes,2 Yellowfins and 9 Mahi 
    Great day

    5/20 Fishing turned on today 
    Tom and crew caught 45 Mahi, 2 Yellowfins and 1 Big Eye which was 109 pounds

    5/19 After a Slow morning 
    Tom and the boys had some action 
    6 Yellowfins,5 Mahi and Ryan got his first Big Eye 105 pounds

    5/18 Chuck did it again 
    51 Mahi 
    We have 5/25 open if anyone wants to fish

    5/17 Slow day for us 2 Tuna and 1 Mahi

    5/15 Chuck and the boys had a great day on the Mahi 
    467 pounds of Mahi

    5/13 Eric and crew pulled it out at the end
    5 Yellowfins, 2 Blackfins and 1 Mahi

    5/12 Big Eye and tilefish were on the menu today 
    The Big Eye was 209 pounds

    5/11 Great day of fishing for John and crew 
    4 Big Eye,4 Yellowfin and 2 Mahi
    The biggest Big Eye was 202 pounds

    5/10 Had JT’s family today 
    5 Yellowfins, 4 Mahi and 3 Blackfin 
    303 pounds of fish

    5/5 Aston with his 152 Bigeye Tuna

    5/4 Had Mike and the guys again today 
    Great day of fishing, Mahi and Blackfins Also released 1 Sailfish

    5/3 Mike and the boys have Mahi fever

    5/2 Great way to start the bachelor party off with a fishing trip 3 Yellowfins and 29 Mahi

    5/1 Slow fishing today but managed 3 Yellowfins

  • April 2018

    4/28 William and the guys had a great day! 12 Blackfins and 4 Yellowfins. The albacores kept us busy catching about 25 of them

    4/18 We got out between blows
    Water temperatures were not what we had hoped for 
    Did manage to catch a couple 
    Thanks Paul and crew

    4/14 The Yellowfin fishing is pretty good 
    Glen and the guys had a great day

    4/13 Great day of Yellowfin fishing 
    Limited by 11:00 and also had 1 Blackfin and 2 Mahi

    4/12 The wind finally stop blowing and we went fishing. We hook 4 Bluefins and release 2, pulled the hook on 1 and burned off 1.

    4/3 Had Tom and his son today.
    Caught 2 out 3 Bluefins. All to big to keep so we released them.

    4/3 IT'S Official NEW STATE RECORD BLUEFIN 877 Pounds!

    4/1 Had Andy, Al and Chris with us. Released 3 Bluefins. Did bring one in to catch but measured 75 inches so had to let him go.

  • March 2018

    3/24 Hooked 2 Bluefins, released 1 and pulled off the second 1 a 100 ft from the boat. As a bonus we also caught 1 Big eye and 1 Yellowfin.

    3/19 Fished with Mark and crew
    Release 1 Bluefin around 450 pounds and caught 1 Yellowfin.
    Water was blend out, not the best condition.

    3/17 fishes with Scott and crew
    Released 1 Bluefin and kept this fish for our trophy fish 
    113 inches long,78 inch girth 
    Weighting in at 877 pounds

    3/16 Released 4 Bluefins biggest around 90 inches and kept this slot fish 65 inches

    3/11 Chris and the gang had another great day. Released 2 Bluefins, burn off another and pulled the hook on 2 more.

    3/10 Had 5 Bluefin bites today.
    Release 3 biggest around 450 pounds and pulled the hook on the other 2. Also release a Mako and had another Mako eat up our baits. Pictures will follow later. Have same group tomorrow.

  • Jan 2018

    Dominican Republic-
    The A-Salt Weapon will be heading down to the DR Oct this year thru Jan 2019!
    We will be staying at Marina Cap Cana, ONLY 10 minutes from the Airport.
    The DR has been the NEW hot stop for the last few years. As many as 20 plus Blue Marlin caught in a day! We will also be deep dropping for Groupers and Snappers
    Prices will include Condo with 5 beds, lunch and drinks while fishing.
    BOOK NOW!!!

    1/21 Bluefin Tuna-
    The 1st Grander has been caught off of NC! We will start fishing for Bluefins March 1 to mid April.BOOK NOW!

    1/10 Waxed and bottom paint is done 
    Almost ready to go back in the water

    1/4 Snow in Obx 
    Who wants to go to the Bahamas 

    1/2/2018 Feel like we are now on Deadliest catch 
    Breaking ice headed to Bayliss for some maintenance

  • Dec 2017

    Happy New Years!
    Bring on 2018!

    12/23 Well Christmas is almost here.
    I just want to say HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY!
    Also remember our military members who are away from their families keep us safe.☃️

    12/8 here’s what happens when you have some downtime 
    Stripping the teak

    12/2 Wahoo fishing was great 👍 
    9 Wahoo 90#,75#,63#,60#,55# and 50# were the big ones 
    Also caught 5 Blackfin 
    Total weight for the day 496#’s
    Done by 1:00

  • Nov 2017

    11/24 after a slow start we had to run 20 miles to finally get a bite
    John and crew ended up with 3 Yellowfin, 1 Blackfin and a Mahi

    11/21 got out today with Greg and Ashton 
    Caught 2 Wahoo and 2 Blackfin

    We have been down for the last 2 weeks getting oil leaks fixed on the engines.
    So no fishing reports
    We are headed back out this weekend.

    What's coming up in 2018?
    March 1 to April 10- We will be fishing for Bluefin Tuna. These fish can go over 800 pounds.
    Interested in some Wicked Tuna fishing call us to book.

    April to July - This is Yellowfin Tuna and Gaffer Mahi season.

    August to mid Sept- This is prime time for Billfishing!

    Like always we recommend that you book EARLY. We do fill up quickly.

    Tournaments- We have some openings this coming year
    Big Rock which is held June 11 to the 16th
    Pirates Cove which is held August 14 to the 17th

    Happy Veterans Day!

    11/9 We are down until next Friday, getting some new rear main engine seals and front seals on ZF gears. 
    Wahoo fishing has been GREAT!!!!
    Call to book your fall trip.

    11/5 Meat slam
    4 Wahoo 
    2 Blackfin Tuna 
    1 Mahi 
    Great bunch of guys

    11/1 Tab and his crew had a great day
    Beautiful weather and caught 7 out of 9 Yellowfin 
    2 Wahoo got the best of us and cut us off

  • Oct 2017

    10/25 Have some open dates the next couple weeks. Give us a call to book.

    10/23 Had a great time double meat slam and a sail

    10/21 Great day fishing 
    8 Blackfin 
    1 60 pound Wahoo 
    1 Mahi
    Also had a Finch join us for a free ride

    10/19 Got out today 
    Slow fishing today caught 3 Blackfins and 1 Mahi

    Oct and NOV
    Tuna have been the focus for the fleet for the last week or so.
    Nice catches of Yellowfin and Blackfins.
    We do have open dates for Oct and Nov.
    Stock your freezer up for the holidays!

    We are booking trips for the Bluefin Tuna season!
    Late Feb. thru early April is the BEST TIME!
    CALL NOW!!!

    BOOK YOUR 2018 trips NOW!
    Last year we were booked solid. Do not miss out fishing aboard the A-Salt Weapon for 2018.

    Tournament trail
    We have the Big Rock open this year!
    Starts 6/11 and ends 6/15.
    This is a Blue Marlin Tournament.

    10/6 No fishing for the next week. Have family coming for a stay!