Fishing Reports

  • Sept 2017

    9/24 This weather has to stop. Hurricane swell is keeping us from fishing.

    9/21 Christine and Manny with some citation Wahoo

    9/19 The weather has us tied to the dock again for the next 5 days or so.

    9/15 Morgan's 40 birthday from his wife 
    3 Sailfish 
    6 Wahoo 
    7 Blackfin 
    4 Wahoo 
    I would say that was a great birthday

    9-14 Great day Jordan and crew 
    Lots of action 
    4 Sailfish 
    5 Wahoo 
    2 Blackfin 
    28 Mahi

    9/8 after yesterday's trip for Marlin and not seeing a single fish decided to do something different 
    Caught 10 Wahoo, 5 Blackfins,4 Mahi and 3 Sailfish 

    9/4 Had Julie and Family today.
    Julie caught a Spearfish and Bryce caught a White Marlin

  • August 2017

    8/29 Beginning in September to late September is the BEST time here to fish for Marlin (Blues,Whites and Sails).
    We have open the following dates in September - 5,7,17 thru the 24th.
    OCT and November- Normally this time of year the Yellowfin Tunas make there way back to Outer Banks. We will be fishing so if you need some Tuna for the Holidays.
    CALL NOW!...

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    8/29 rain and wind for the next couple of days. We have 9/5 and 9/7 open GREAT time for Marlin fishing

    8/22 Getting the boat ready to head up to VA Beach Tournament.

    8/20 Today was our kids day
    Brian with his son cleat 
    My son in laws Guy and Ryan 
    Ryan's 2 boys (my grandsons) Max and Cole
    Had a lot of fun catching some Mahi

    8/18 Final day at the Pirates cove tournament0 
    Eric, Patrick, Ryan and Brendan caught 2 White Marlin and 2 Sailfish

    8/17 Day 2 Slow day for us 
    1 out 3 Whites today 
    Need a big day tomorrow

    8/16 1st day of fishing the Pirates Cove Tournament we caught 4 out of 5 Whites

    8/14 Had a practice day with8  the crew for the Pirates Cove Tournament.
    We saw 7 Sailfish.

    8/13 Had the ladies out for the Alice Kelly Tournament.
    Fishing was slow but had a great time with the ladies.

    8/12 Made it home safe
    Ended up 10th out 350 boats in the release div.
    Tomorrow we are fishing the Alice Kelly Ladies Tournament

    8/11 Day 2 of the White Marlin 
    Well we did not catch a White today 
    BUT we did release 3 Blue Marlin 

    8/4 Took a break from the Marlins to catch some Tunas
    1 Big Eye 130 pounds
    14 Yellowfin 
    1 Blackfin 
    620 pounds in total

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    8/3 caught 2 out of 3 whites

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    8/2 caught 2 out of 4 White Marlin and 1 Yellowfin

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    8/1 We hauled the boat out yesterday 
    Switched props and align the engines 
    Saw today 4 Blue Marlin caught 2 and saw 2 White Marlin caught 1
    Plus 2 nice Yellowfin 
    Thanks to the crew at Bayliss

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  • July 2017

    The fantasy meat slam
    3 Yellowfin 
    2 Blackfins
    1 Wahoo 
    1 Mahi 
    1 King Mackerel 
    Also released a sailfish

    7/22 Windy day but Leo and family hung in there!
    90 pound Big Eye, couple of Yellowfin and a Sailfish for Brad

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    7/19 Michael and friends today 
    Went north today and caught some Mahi,Tilefish and 1 Blue Marlin

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    7/18 Had Dan and family 
    Fishing was slow but did manage to get them some good eats

    7/14 Had Eric again today with some friends 
    Had a great time ended up with 7 Tuna,1 Sailfish and 1 Mahi

    7/12 Had Eric and his son Sander today
    We were done fishing at 10:00 with 11 Yellowfins

    7/11 today we had Rock and Alison 
    They caught 4 Tunas then Alison got sick so we came home early

    7/10 Freddy and crew wanted some bottom fish so we lucked out and caught a limit of Tilefish 
    Then went and caught 3 nice Yellowfin 
    Had to come home early due to storms

    7/6 fishing was slower today
    We did catch 1 out of 2 Blue Marlin and a 50 pound Wahoo

    7/5 slower fishing today but pulled out 3 Big Eyes over a 100 pounds each and 1 Yellowfin

    7/3 Jerry and the gang had a great day
    5 Tuna and 30 Mahi by 11:30 and they decided we had enough fish so we came home

    7/2 Tuna! Great day with Ricky and the boys 659 pounds of fish now that some sushi

  • June 2018

    6/30 Tunas were biting today for Jeff and family including a big eye 
    Have a couple days open in July give me a call 252-475-4088

    6/27 Great day fishing with Jim and crew
    Sea were flat calm and Tunas were jumping all over the place

    6/26 Had Ronnie and Ashley today
    Wind was out of the north west and slowed fishing down today 
    Still some stud Tuna

    Caught 6 and 1/3 Tunas then they sent us home early because one of the wife's were sea sick

    6/22 Another great day
    The boys wanted to catch Mahi so we were lucky and got 30
    Also Charlie and Jack caught their 1st White Marlin each and the topper for the day 7 nice Tuna

    6/21 The best Tuna fishing in a long time 
    Everyday it has been great

    6/20 Bob and the crew had some Big Tuna.
    We caught 4 of them on the kite which is an awesome bite to see

    We made it back home from the Big Rock
    Day 4 we went 1 for 2 on White Marlin.
    Making a total of 1 for 3 on Blue Marlins and 1 for 2 on Whites
    We have a couple of days off and back at it Tuesday

    Big  rock update

    6/13 released 1 Blue Marlin and pulled the hook on 2 others 

    6/12 We went to the east and did not have a bite

    6/10 Art and family had a great time 
    15 Tunas and the box was full 
    Leaving Sunday morning for the Big Rock

    6/9 Bob and the gang caught a limit of Tuna and a White Marlin 
    Fishing is crazy good!

    6/7 even though it was rough out there today
    Jay and the guys made it and came back with a nice catch

    6/6 Want Tuna?
    The boat was full by 10:00 and on our way home
    Great job Jim and crew

    6/5 Had the True Value Hardware guys today 
    10 nice Tuna and a few Mahi

    6/4 little slow for us today 
    But we always enjoy having Katherine and Kirk fishing with us

    6/3 5 nice Tuna,1 Mahi and 1White Marlin 

    Jim and the family were great

    6/2 Chuck and the guys had a great catch of Yellowfin

  • May 2017

    5/22 had Andy and crew today 
    We went Marlin fishing and had a blast
    Ended up with 2 Blue Marlin and 1 White Marlin

    5/20 The fish keep coming and coming!
    Lee and the boys wanted Tuna and they got their wish

    5/19 Nice catch of Mahi and Released a Blue Marlin 
    Thanks Chuck and friends

    5/16 Fished with Derick and family 
    Dericks wife just got her PHD

    5/11 Little slower today but still a nice catch

    5/9 Another great day of fishing 
    Layton just graduate college, brought his brother Ashton and some of his fellow graduates

    5/8 The box was full of Yellowfin Tuna by 9:30. Torre and the guys had a great time. THE TUNA BITE IS ON!!!!!

    5/4 1st time out since we got back from the Bahamas. John and crew had alot of fun, catching 4 Tuna and 11 Mahi. Off to a good start!

  • Bahamas 2017

    4/28 WE MADE IT HOME start fishing 5/4

    3/28 Just a quick up date: We have moved the boat to Elbow Cay. I took a week off and went home to visit the family. Weather has been windy and now has FINALLY STOP!

    We had Greg and family in the 1st week for March and only did 1 day of fishing due to weather. We did catch some groupers and snappers.

    Andy and Shay cam in next got to fish 1 day again this time caught 1 White Marlin and a Spearfish! These are the 1st billfish of the season! 

    This week the weather looks great and going fishing Thursday and Friday. Will keep you updated.

    2/17 Went dropping today. Caught 2 Groupers, 15 Black Snappers and a bunch of Yellow Eyed Snappers.

    2/15 Made a long run South and it was worth it. Caught 10 nice Wahoo in 2 1/2 hours! The Wahoo bite is ON.

    2/8 Bahamas- We made it to Long Island Bahamas. We have fished a handful of days now.

    Our best catch was with Butch and crew 9 Wahoos in 4 hours.

    The biggest Wahoo so far goes to Jeff Holmes around 90 pounds.

    Besides Wahoo we have caught Mahi, Snappers and 1 Grouper.

    We still have dates open if anyone want to join us here or in the Abacos.

  • Sept 2016

    9/18 Our last day of fishing for 2016
    Ricky and crew caught 2 White Marlin, a limit of Mahi and some Tuna
    We are now headed to the boat yard to rebuild the engines and redo a bunch of other things

    Bahamas MAKE UP GROUP

    We are putting together 1 make up group for Long Island Bahamas.
    It will be in Feb or early March. We already have 1 slot filled and looking for 3 more people to join him (max 4 people).
    Please call if you are interest in joining this group.

    9/16 The wind is blowing today.

    We have opened up next week due to the GREAT White Marlin bite.
    If you want to fish with us for our last push in 2016 YOU MUST call by THIS SUNDAY!
    After next week we are going into the boat yard for the rest of the season.

    9/14 Caught 11 White Marlin

    9/12 Tuna! Went tuna fishing today and caught our limit plus we released a 400 pound Blue Marlin

    9/11 Great catch of Mahi 300 pounds worth

    9/10 4 White Marlin today with Greg and Andy.
    The water has pushed way overboard, but there are fish in it.

    9/8 caught 6 White Marlin and some Mahi

    9/7 The storm is gone and the Marlin are hungry 

    Caught 11 White Marlin,1 Wahoo and a couple Mahi
    We are open this Friday!!!

    9/4 Made it through the storm!
    The back side was packing alot of wind and some high tides but no problems.
    Ready to get back on the water on Wednesday or Thursday!

    9/1 Great way to start the month
    Limit of Mahi, 3 White Marlin and 1 Sailfish

  • August 2016

    8/14 We fished the Alice Kelly ladies tournament 
    Our ladies did a Great job
    Lesley, Lori,Cheryl and Ally took 3rd place

    8/13 The Ocean City White Marlin Tournament is over.
    We had a great time for our 1st time fishing up there.
    In the release cat. we ended up 12th and overall Top Boat 15th.
    That's pretty good out 329 boats!
    Thanks again to Dale and crew! Hope to do it again next year.

    8/11 as of 8/10 we are in 7th place out of 326 boats. Thanks to Dale and crew for fishing with us. Look forwards to next year! We have fished our 3 days and are now home. Still 2 days of tournament left.

    8/10  Day 3 and our last day of the WMO. We had a slow day today, hard luck today 2 out of 5
    Good enough to keep us in the top 10

    8/9  Day 2 caught 4 Whites and 1 spear
    Should put us in the top 10 for released

    8/8  1st day of the WMO
    8 Whites

  • July 2016

    July was overall a GREAT month-

    We 50-70 pound Tuna jumping all over for most of the month.Lot's of days  we came home with the box was full. We had to fly a kite to get the bites which was amazing to 50-70 pound Tuna jumping out of the water biting our rubber flying fish.

    Also in July we had 605 pound Blue Marlin caught by Brooke Newbill, all they want the night before was 2 Tuna and a Marlin for Brooke. We caught the 2 Tunas by 8:15 and an hour later we had our Blue Marlin hooked up. Talk about lucky. 3 hours later the Blue Marlin came up dead so we brought her in.

    We also fished the Boat Builders tournament the last week of July. After a 2 day battle we end the tournament in 2nd Place overall with 6 Whites and 1 Sailfish.

    Also took 1st and 2nd place Biggest Dolphin and Frank III took Top Junior Angler.

  • June 2016

    6/17 EJ caught a Sailfish and some Mahi

    6/15 Allen and the boys caught some Mahi, overall fishing was slow.

    6/13 Torre and crew had a GREAT DAY 11 Tuna, 2 Mahi and 1 Sailfish.

    6/11 Eric's birthday present was to go fishing and they had a good catch of Big Mahi

    6/10 Matt and crew today. Weather was a little rough but did manage to get some Mahi.

    6/9 Kirk and the boys caught a couple of tuna and some Mahi

    6/8 Donnie and crew caught 1 Tuna and some Mahi

    6/5 Great day of Mahi fishing 35 on the deck

    6/4 Fished with Greg and Andy today. Caught 8 Tuna, 13 Mahi and 1 White Marlin

    6/3 Great day fishing 4 Tuna, 12 Mahi and 1 Blue Marlin